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On‑premises Slate machine translation (MT) applications add private MT suggestions to your favorite computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool. They run on your local machine with MS Windows, based entirely on your translation memories.

Why Use Slate MT Applications?


Slate machine translation (MT) applications protect your privacy. They run on your computer without the Internet and without logging your activities. Confidentiality and privacy are safe.


Slate MT applications offer suggestions with your words and style. It’s a natural benefit of using your translation memories (TMs) on your computer. You edit less and finish more work in less time.


We created Slate MT for translation professionals, like you, to use modern MT technologies wherever they go. Slate MT applications enhance productivity and expand capacity without the cloud.

Unique Features for a Better MT Experience

Unlike MT service bureaus (Google, Microsoft, others), we make software applications with personal privacy at their core based on our decades of experience working with translators and agencies.

Personalized Core

The PC revolutionized the world because it replaced mainframes computers and experts in data centers with the personal devices we all use every day. Likewise, Slate MT applications replace machine translation technology and experts in cloud-based service bureaus with your PC under your control to use every day.

Perfect Privacy

Your Slate MT application runs in the background on your personal computer. It doesn’t log your activities, track your relationships or record your work habits. It doesn’t send anything to the Internet. Your TMs are safe and confidential on your computer where prying eyes can’t watch what you’re doing.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies in Slate MT applications run on your computer. They learn from as few as 80,000 segment pairs in your TMs to deliver quality suggestions with your mastery of words and in your personal translation style.

Unmatched Quality

MT service bureaus adjust their technology to serve a wide range of translation needs everywhere in the world through the Internet. As a result, their quality never reaches the technology’s full potential. A Slate MT application adjust to serve one professional on one device. Whether you are one translator, one agency or one enterprise, you experience the technology’s optimal professional quality.


Slate Desktop Edition supports any combination of 33 languages and the number of supported languages keeps growing. That means your Slate MT application with your TMs can translate between 1,056 language pairs with more language pairs to come.

Slate Rocks!


We and our visionary partners are passionate about transforming the translation services marketplace into a safe neighborhood store where technologies enable authentic businesses of all sizes to safely buy and sell services everywhere around the globe.

Private Personal MT for Everyone

We transform advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies into private, personal Slate MT applications that are easy for everyone to use.


Choose a money-back guarantee or free trial because we understand that our translation market is risky.

Your Slate Deskotp Edition and Slate Starter Edition purchase includes a money-back guarantee. You’ll experience all Slate features. We will refund your purchase price if uninstall Slate within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked.

Your Slate Trial Edition download is free. You’ll have the features necessary to evaluate how your TMs perform in an Slate MT application. You’ll experience Slate for 30 days risk-free.

CAT Integration

The Slate MT engines you create from your TMs automatically appear as machine translation providers in your computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool. We support you with Trados Studio, memoQ, CafeTran and OmegaT, with more to come.

Intuitive Experience

Slate MT applications are packed with powerful, mature MT technologies inside an easy-to-learn, intuitive user experience. Whether you’re a technophobe or research engineer, you’re up and running in no time because you reuse the knowledge you already have about TMs and CAT tools.

No Subscriptions

MT service bureaus (Google, Microsoft, KantanMT & others) charge a fee for professionals to use their services. These costs continue as long as you maintain your subscription. With Slate MT applications, you pay a one-time perpetual license fee and your costs stop. No per-word fees. No royalties. No subscriptions.

Terminology Control

It is tedious to repeatedly change someone else’s words and fix incorrect terminology. Slate MT applications learn you use “email” and never use “e‑mail” from your TMs. You can also configure Slate to use your glossaries to force client-specific terminology.


We’re the only company that pairs the world’s most popular business productivity operating system, Microsoft Windows desktop, with the world’s most popular MT productivity technology. You prefer Linux? We do that, too. Need MacOS? Please subscribe to our newsletter.

What Our Customers Say

The experience is generally positive. The system works. I can build as many engines as I want and translate as many pages as I want, and that is OK.

Anonymous Translator 3 (en-pl)

I have had very good experience with Slate. I like a number of things about it, the biggest one being confidentiality. I work mostly on medical translations and cannot afford to have anything go to a remote server. I also very much like the fact that the engine mimics the way I translate and not somebody else. Thank you for providing this excellent tool. It works well and makes my work easier.

Tomas Barendregt (en-cz)

I have been using Slate Desktop (for 5 months) and I am very pleased with it. It speeds up my work by eliminating or reducing the draft step in the translation process. It sometimes comes up with ‘amazing’ (;-) translations I had done before and completely forgotten about.

Wim Roose (en-nl & fr-nl)

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