Slate™ Benefits Uniquely personal

Slate™ fills gaps in translation memories, makes it easier to meet tight turnaround times, secures confidential work on your computers and gives you control to work when, where, how you like.

Fill gaps in translation memories

With Slate™, your CAT still offers you high fuzzy matches from your translation memories. When there’s no match, Slate™ steps in to offer suggestions with terminology and style representative of what’s in your translation memories. If your CAT tool has a segment assembly feature but you don’t use it because it’s complicated, then you’ll like Slate‘s ease and convenience.

Meet tight turnaround times

Frequently, Slate™ suggestions are exactly what you would have typed yourself and you don’t need to change anything. When you do need to change something, you spend less time fixing awkward mistakes because Slate‘s suggestions have your terminology and style. By reducing the need for drastic changes, Slate helps reduce a typical 5-day job to only 4 days.

Secure confidential work

Slate™ works without an Internet connection. Everything stays safe and secure on your computer. You don’t jeopardize your client’s confidentiality agreements. Your competitors, suppliers and clients can’t look over your shoulder. Your work habits remain private and your competitive advantage.

Control when, where, how you work

Slate™ doesn’t replace the CAT you already know. It plugs in like cloud-based machine translation providers but without the Internet. You are in control and don’t need to learn yet another CAT. Because you’re working in your CAT, you still work with your translation memories, glossaries, termbases, etc. You can use your engines across different CAT tools and you can even install your engines on other machines to work while you travel.

How To Use Slate™

How Slate™ Works