How To Use Slate™ Powerful and deceptively simple

We made Slate™ easy to use. If you use a CAT and manage your translation memories, you have all the necessary skills to use Slate. Just download and install Slate on your PC. Minutes later, you can create a personalized translation engine to use in your CAT.


Use your CAT to save translation memories as TMX files with important descriptive properties. Then, import the TMX files into Slate™ and assign labels that help you identify them. Once they’re imported, you can reuse them again and again to create countless engines.


In Slate‘s inventory management tool, enter the languages, assign a unique engine name and select any combination of imported translation memories that you want to add to an engine. Use the labels to identify and mix different translation memories.


With translation memories selected, simply click the Build now button. Slate™ starts its works and runs overnight. No complicated programming or coding! When Slate™ is done, your new engine appears in the dashboard’s engine list. You can select the engine and review it’s automatic evaluation summary.


Start our CAT, go to the project’s configuration options and add Slate‘s connector to the project. Next, open the Slate™ plugin’s options dialog box, select the engine by the name you assigned and save the changes. Your translation project will then receive personalized suggestions automatically.

How Slate™ Works

Slate™ Benefits