Private MT Features

Slate MT applications have features that protect your privacy and deliver better quality than an ordinary MT.

Your translation memories and personal activities are safe from the eavesdropping that's become commonplace on the Internet because Slate MT applications never connect to the Internet. Better MT quality is an added benefit to our Perfect Privacy policy because your Slate MT application, running with your TMs on your computer, offers suggestions with your words in your style.




Personalized Core

The PC revolutionized the world because it replaced mainframes computers and experts in data centers with the personal devices we all use every day. Likewise, Slate MT applications replace machine translation technology and experts in cloud-based service bureaus with your PC under your control to use every day.

Our personalized core gives Slate MT applications the unique ability to offer words and style that mimic your own. This personalization is technically possible and economically viable because Slate MT applications run on your personal computer for your personal use, not on the Internet for millions to share.

CAT Integration

The Slate MT engines you create from your TMs automatically appear as machine translation providers in your computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool. We support you with Trados Studio, memoQ, CafeTran and OmegaT, with more to come.

Open Source Kernel

Slate MT applications rely on open source software to do the “heavy lifting” of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Proprietary components make Slate MT applications convert your TMs to forms that the kernel can use and provide the easy-to-use user experience.

TM Cleaning Tools

Translation memories include the source language segments and their translations plus a vast amount of other descriptive information. Slate MT applications have powerful tools that separate the segments from the other information in preparation to convert them to MT engines.

File Types

Slate reads and creates standards-based localization file formats like TMX and XLIFF files as well as UTF-8 text and tab-delimited files.

No Logs

Much like the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal, cloud-based MT and CAT service bureaus track your activities and sell the logs to third parties that can benefit from knowing your habits. Slate MT applications do not track your activities or record logs. Therefore, we are unable to disclose this information to third parties.

Perfect Privacy

Your Slate MT application runs in the background on your personal computer. It doesn’t log your activities, track your relationships or record your work habits. It doesn’t send anything to the Internet. Your TMs are safe and confidential on your computer where prying eyes can’t watch what you’re doing.



Intuitive Experience

Slate MT applications are packed with powerful, mature MT technologies inside an easy-to-learn, intuitive user experience. Whether you’re a technophobe or research engineer, you’re up and running in no time because you reuse the knowledge you already have about TMs and CAT tools.

No Subscriptions

MT service bureaus (Google, Microsoft, KantanMT & others) charge a fee for professionals to use their services. These costs continue as long as you maintain your subscription. With Slate MT applications, you pay a one-time perpetual license fee and your costs stop. No per-word fees. No royalties. No subscriptions.

Own (Not Lease)

You own your Slate MT engines. The more you use them, there’s no additional cost. You can copy and distribute them to colleagues at no additional cost. With MT service bureaus, you sign-in to their cloud-based service, you rent the engine and continue to pay with every use them.

User Friendly

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are advanced technologies that sound intimidating. Slate Rocks! specialized in creating user-friendly applications that make these technologies work for you without intimidation.

Industries and Document Types

Other MT software and services limit or charge you extra to support specific industries and subject domains. Customized language is built-in to Slate because learns the terminologies for your industry and subject domain from your translation memories and terminology glossaries.

Terminology Control

It is tedious to repeatedly change someone else’s words and fix incorrect terminology. Slate MT applications learn you use “email” and never use “e‑mail” from your TMs. You can also configure Slate to use your glossaries to force client-specific terminology.

Terminology On-The-Fly

A new term pops up while your working. Just a couple of keystrokes on-the-fly adds the source and target term pair to your engine and you don’t need to repeatedly changing your engine’s suggestions.

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