The Right Choice for Everyone

Slate MT applications are available in different configurations. From individual freelance translator to language service provider, from one language pair to dozens of languages, there is a combination that suits your work.

The applications run on your computer, convert translation memories into translation engines. The engines automatically appear in your computer-assisted translation tool's project configuration and run in the background suggesting draft translations.

Sets the standard for full-featured assistive translation software for professionals.

Price: $549.00

Entry-level, assistive translation features at a price that meets every budget.

Price: $269.00

Try Slate™ for 30 days and test your TMs. No up-front cost. Risk free.

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Connect your CAT tool to any Slate™ engine created with other Slate products.

Price: $49.00

Organize and prepare translation memories without Slate™ engines tools.

Price: $129.00

A collection of open source software to create and use phrase-based SMT models.

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