Intuitive Experience

Slate is designed as an intuitive compliment to the tools you already use. It feels familiar to you because you reuse the skills you learned from your CAT tool and translation memories.

It’s not the time to experiment or learn unfamiliar technologies when you have a stressful deadline. That’s why we designed Slate to work with the CAT and glossaries you know. Slate‘s basics are easy to learn even. Combine that with the skills you have and your working quickly to meet tight turnaround times.

Slate is intuitive because you reuse the skills your CAT tool and translation memory organize skills at every step. It doesn’t replace your current tools. Its intuitive design compliments the tool you already use. For example, Slate is an MT provider in your favorite CAT tool where you already have your glossaries and TMs. You don’t need to change. Slate‘s real breakthrough is the democratization of once-complicated technology.